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One of the main aims of floor sanding and polishing is to provide a smooth surface for the furniture. This is done by removing any imperfections on the floor. That said, this process can be time-consuming, making it difficult to complete when there are many rooms in a house. It is also difficult to do in areas with high foot traffic such as hallways and staircases. And that is why you should come to Precise Floor Sanding if you ever need floor sanding and polishing services in Surry Hills. We are also well known in rough floor sanding work in Sydney.

Our floor experts have the knowledge, expertise in floor sanding and polishing services to deliver a seamless finish. Our team has experience in commercial floors as well as domestic ones. They will be able to conduct a thorough job at your home or business environment, delivering total customer satisfaction.

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Meticulous Planning & Flawless Execution By Precise Floor Sanding

In order to properly complete a rough floor sanding project, it is essential to access accurate and detailed information. However, it could be difficult to understand the different types of floor sanding and polishing techniques, as well as the materials involved. The lack of knowledge can lead to major problems down the line. And that is exactly why you should always hire a professional company like Precise Floor Sanding. Our floor experts will plan and execute a floor sanding and polishing project in Surry Hills flawlessly.

  • First, we will go over the design plan with our clients to understand their needs.
  • Next, we will prepare for the job by creating a floor plan for all materials that need to be bought in and out.
  • We also create an installation schedule so that everything gets done on time.
  • Finally, once everything is in place, we start working on the floor sanding and polishing process by first removing all dust from the surface.
  • Then, we use a wet mop to clean up any areas where water might have got into or spilled on the surface.

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Why Trust Precise Floor Sanding?

There are many companies providing floor sanding and polishing services in Surry Hills. However, they may not be the best ones for you to choose. The best way to check if a hardwood floor restoration company is legitimate is by looking at their credentials including::

  • Precise Floor Sanding is a company with 25+ years of experience that provides the best quality floor restoration services.
  • Our floor experts use high-quality machines and tools to provide their customers with the best service.
  • Whether you’re looking for wood floor refinishing, rough floor sanding or a complete floor restoration job, Precise Floor Sanding has the expertise to restore.
  • We also give a three-year warranty on all our flooring services.

If you want to learn more about our professional floor sanding and polishing services then contact on 0404 606 666 today. You can also visit our FAQs page for more detailed information or email us at info@preciseflooring.com.au.

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